Central California Traction

by David G. Stanley and Jeffrey J. Moreau

Table of Contents

Foreword (by Walter P. Gray)ix
Part One: The Electric Way
1. Turning Gold into Coal3
2. City Service, The Electric Way21
3. To the Land of the Flame Tokay33
4. Other People's Money47
5. Through to Sacramento67
6. Reaching the Zenith77
7. The Battle over Corporate Ownership101
8. Weathering the Depression123
9. Power Drop167
Part Two: The End of Electrification
10. General Electric = Diesel Electric201
11. Leaving the Streets of Sacramento231
14. The Schenectady Shuffle249
13. Growth in the Face of Adversity269
14. Renaissance by Tinker287
14. A Shortline for the 21st Century287
Appendix: Equipment Roster and Drawings351
Appendix: Documents372