Jeff Moore

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Jeff Moore first visited McCloud shortly after his first birthday. Eight years later his family moved into staff housing at McArthur Burney Falls Memorial State Park, about a mile and a half from the McCloud River Railroad’s Lake Britton bridge. The railroad ran almost literally through Jeff’s back yard through the rest of his youth, and on quieter days he could hear the trains blowing their horns for at least five grade crossings.

Jeff’s childhood fascination with the railroad turned into a deep interest in and passion for the history of the McCloud River operations as he entered adulthood, which has resulted in several periodical articles in various magazines and one previous book, Rails Around McCloud (Arcadia Publishing Company, 2008). Jeff has also authored three other books, Oregon & Northwestern Railroad (Arcadia Publishing, co-authored with Wayne Monger); California’s Lumber Shortline Railroads (Fonthill Media, 2016); and Eastern Oregon Shortline Railroads (publication pending).

Jeff has a Bachelor of Science degree in Rangeland Resource Science from Humboldt State University. He currently lives with his family near Elko, Nevada, where he continues his studies on logging and lumbering railroads, especially those operating in the Ponderosa Pine regions of California and Oregon.