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ART jacket

American Refrigerator Transit

Stuart T. Maher, G.J. Michels, Jr., and Gene Semon

Among America’s largest operators of refrigerator cars was American Refrigerator Transit. The ART was founded by Jay Gould in 1881 to serve all his railroads of that day, including the Wabash, Missouri Kansas and Texas, and particularly Missouri Pacific and subsidiaries. After 1925, Denver & Rio Grande Western was added. Primary business in the early years was meat transportation, but this gradually shifted to perishables, particularly from Texas and Colorado.

Change came in the 1960s. Norfolk & Western took over Wabash in 1964 and in 1969, D&RGW moved its perishable business from ART to Fruit Growers Express. In 1973, Norfolk & Western pulled out of ART, and with the acquisition of Missouri Pacific by Union Pacific in 1983, all remaining ART properties then disappeared into UP.

This large book contains not only a complete history of ART but extensive and thoroughly illustrated information about the refrigerator cars of ART. Rail historians as well as enthusiasts of the Missouri Pacific and Wabash will be fascinated by this book.

Publication date TBA.

NWP jacket

The Northwestern Pacific Railroad

Fred A. Stindt

The Northwestern Pacific was one of California's most distinctive railroads, connecting the northwest corner of the state at Eureka with the San Francisco Bay Area. Its primary business was lumber, largely interchanged with Southern Pacific. Over the years, passenger and general freight services were also an important part of operations, as were passenger ferryboats and electrified commuter services. The NWP was founded in 1907 as a joint property of SP and Santa Fe, to combine several existing railroads; in 1929, SP took over sole ownership.

Fred Stindt, longtime historian and enthusiast of the NWP, originally published two volumes on this topic, and said on many occasions that he wished he had gotten around to combining them. This book is that combined edition, with all the material of the two volumes Fred produced, and some additional information. It contains a great wealth of photo illustrations, along with timetable, map, and advertising materials.

Artist John Signor has created the cover painting based on a historic NWP passenger train photograph. Publication date TBA.