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The McCloud River Railroads by Jeff Moore  — $70

The State Belt by William H. Kaufman and Michelle S. Kaufman — $60

American Car & Foundry Box Cars, 1961-1981 by Edward Kaminski  — $75

Southern Pacific Lines Standard-Design Depots by Henry E. Bender, Jr.  — $70

Rails Around Lake Tahoe by Mallory Hope Ferrell  — $60

Union Pacific in the LA Basin by Jess Asay  — $80

Merchants Despatch by Roger C. Hinman  — $65 OUT OF PRINT

Steam Days in Dunsmuir by Robert J. Church —  $65

SP's Sacramento Shops by Robert A. Pecotich —  $85

Railroads of Arizona, Vol. 6 by David F. Myrick — $60

Elgin & Joliet & Eastern Railway by Patrick C. Dorin —  $60

Sacramento Northern by Harre W. Demoro  —  $70

SP Freight Cars, Vol. 5: Hoppers, Covered Hoppers, Tank Cars by Anthony Thompson —  $70 

Billboard Refrigerator Cars by Richard H. Hendrickson and Edward S. Kaminski —  $60

Texas & New Orleans by A.D. McLennan —$70

Key System Streetcars by Vernon J. Sappers — $70

Chard Walkerís Cajon by Chard Walker —  $60

Southern Pacificís Salt Lake Division by John R. Signor —  $75

Pullman-Standard Freight Cars by Ed Kaminski —  $65

Santa Fe Locomotive Development by Larry E. Brasher —  $65 OUT OF PRINT

SP Freight Cars, Vol. 4: Box Cars by Anthony W. Thompson —  $70 OUT OF STOCK

The Florida Keys Overseas Railway by Warren Zeiller —  $55

The Electric Way Across The Mountains by Richard Steinheimer — $65 OUT OF PRINT

SP Freight Cars, Vol. 3: Automobile Cars and Flat Cars by Anthony W. Thompson —  $65

Trains to Yosemite by Jack A. Burgess —  $65 OUT OF STOCK

The Visalia Electric Railroad by Phillips C. Kauke —  $55

Southern Pacific Daylight Locomotives by Robert J. Church —  $70 OUT OF STOCK

Southern Pacific's Western Division by John R. Signor —  $70

Central California Traction by David G. Stanley and Jeffrey J. Moreau —  $65

Tank Cars: American Car & Foundry by Edward S. Kaminski —  $65

SP Freight Cars, Vol. 2: Cabooses by Anthony W. Thompson —  $70

SP Freight Cars, Vol. 1: Gondolas and Stock Cars by Anthony Thompson —  $65

Santa Fe to Phoenix by David F. Myrick  —  $65 Low Stock

Great Northern Lines East by Patrick C. Dorin —  $65

The Magor Car Corporation by Edward S. Kaminski —  $55

Pacific Fruit Express by Anthony W. Thompson, Robert J. Church and Bruce H. Jones —  $75 

Southern Pacific's Shasta Division by John R. Signor —  $65 OUT OF STOCK

Snowbound Streamliner by Robert J. Church $49.95 OUT OF STOCK

Southern Pacific's Coast Line Pictorial by A. W. Thompson and John R. Signor —  $65 OUT OF STOCK

American Car & Foundry Company by Edward S. Kaminski —  $68

Great Northern Lines West by Charles R. Wood —  $55

Southern Pacific's Coast Line by John R. Signor —  $65

The Pacific Coast Company, by Gerald M. Best —  OUT OF STOCK

Southern Pacific's 4-8-2's, by Robert J. Church —  OUT OF STOCK

Railroad History in Photographs edited by A. W. Thompson, R. J. Church and J. J. Pryor — OUT OF PRINT


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