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established in 1993


Kim, Bob, Tony, Jean & Mary at the 2014 San Luis Obispo Convention -SP H&TS

Signature Press has been publishing high-quality railroad history books since 1993. It is a successor and enlargement of Central Valley Railroad Publications, and has acquired rights to more than fifty former titles of Howell-North, Darwin and Superior railroad books. Both re-issues and revisions of those former titles will be issued, as well as new books from a variety of authors. Our special emphasis is on the history of the Southern Pacific Railroad. Some of our new book projects are described under Forthcoming Books and Other Titles.

Our first book was John Signor's Southern Pacific's Coast Line, published in 1995. We issue several books per year, with a mixture of new and reprinted titles. The intent with previously published books is to reprint those which retain adequate market interest and value. Each reprint will be improved, expanded, and corrected as needed. This will often require a new edition.

Quality books are the key part of our goals. This means not only excellent production values in layout, printing and reproduction of photographs, but excellent historical accuracy and value as well. The same standard will be applied to new and reissued books.

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Signature Press is proud to be a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association or IBPA (formerly Publishers Marketing Association or PMA). For information about IBPA, you may visit

Signature Press is a partnership of Anthony Thompson and Robert Church (shown above in the front row at right and center, respectively, with our order person and customer contact, Kim Stein, front left), and was founded in 1993. The address for orders and business matters is 11508 Green Road, Wilton, CA 95693. The address for editorial and production matters is 2906 Forest Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705. Orders can be placed by mail to the Wilton address, by fax to (916) 939-1960, or via toll-free telephone at (800) 305-7942. For more ordering information, visit our Order Page.