Southern Pacific Freight Cars

Volume 4: Box Cars

by Anthony W. Thompson

Full Text of a Review:

Review from Trains magazine, Vol. 67, No. 3, March, 2007, p. 74.

"The once-common railroad-owned boxcar has been replaced to a great degree by privately owned specialty cars built to handle what they haul. For as numerous as it was, not much has been printed about the boxcar, but this volume, at least for Southern Pacific, fills that gap. It covers SP's extensive and varied boxcar fleet, from its earliest days to the early 1960s. It does the job well, using rare photos, drawings, and diagrams. Photo reproduction is excellent and shows not only the cars themselves, but shows them in service on trains, being rebuilt, and in their varied usses. SP fans and modelers alike will want this volume in their libraries. It's a well-done documentary rich with detail."

-- Ray Weart