Reviews of Signature Press Books

Short extracts of reviews, and individual comments on most of the books can be found on the pages for each title, most conveniently located via our "Books" page. In other cases, full reviews are also of interest, and some of those have been included here. They can be reached via the book titles below.

Long renowned as "California's Last Interuruban," The Central California Traction Company now has its own book, by well-known historians David G. Stanley and Jeffrey J. Moreau. Reviews from Model Railroad News and an on-line review at are available.

A small part of Southern Pacific's California empire was the Visalia Electric Railroad. A fine history of this line by Phillips C. Kauke now enjoys full reviews, from Model Railroad News and an on-line review at are available.

The newest volume in David F. Myrick's series, Volume 5 of Railroads of Arizona, entitled Santa Fe to Phoenix, has received reviews from Trains and The Lexington Quarterly. An unpublished review is also included by Richard Hendrickson.

Though not America's best-known car builder, Magor made many contributions, and now has its own history, The Magor Car Corporation. Reviews are now available from Model Railroader, Railroad Model Craftsman, The Lexington Quarterly and Trains magazines.

The second edition of the book, Pacific Fruit Express, has now been issued. A review of this new, second edition is available from Trains, Model Railroader, and The Lexington Quarterly. Full reviews of the first edition of 1992, are also posted from Railroad Model Craftsman and Trains magazines.

The railroader's story of rescuing the 1952 City of San Francisco, entitled Snowbound Streamliner, is written by Bob Church. Included in its reviews are those from Trains, The Lexington Quarterly, Railroad Model Craftsman and Model Railroad News.

The companion volume to John Signor's 1995 book, Southern Pacific's Coast Line, is entitled Southern Pacific's Coast Line Pictorial, and has been well received. Included on our review page are comments from Railroad Model Craftsman, Model Railroad News and The Lexington Quarterly.

The centennial car builder history, American Car & Foundry Company, 1899-1999, has been widely reviewed. Reviews are available here from Railway Age, Trains,Railroad Model Craftsman, Model Railroad News, The Lexington Quarterly, Railroad History and the NRHS Bulletin.

David F. Myrick's Volume 4 of Railroads of Arizona, entitled The Santa Fe Route,has received several extensive reviews, available from Trains, Vintage Rails, The Journal of Arizona History, The Lexington Quarterly, Railroad Model Craftsman and Model Railroad News.

The book Great Northern Lines West, describes the western half of the Great Northern, extending westward from approximately the eastern border of Montana. This revised edition has received several reviews. The full texts of selected ones are available from Model Railroader, Model Railroad News and Vintage Rails.

John R. Signor's 1995 book about a distinctive part of the Southern Pacific, Southern Pacific's Coast Line, has received several extensive reviews, available on a review page, from Trains, Book News, Vintage Rails, Railroad Model Craftsman, Mainline Modeler and Railroad History.

The book Pacific Coast Company, subtitled "Ships and Narrow Gauge Rails," is a reprint. Some brief comments on the original printing are included at the main page; also available are the full texts of additional reviews from Railroad History, Railroad Model Craftsman, Vintage Rails and the The San Francisco Chronicle book section.

Southern Pacific's 4300 4-8-2's is a revised edition of an earlier book. Brief comments on the original edition are at the main book page. Reviews of the revised edition may be accessed from the main book page, or directly here for full review texts from for Railroad Model Craftsman, Trains, Railroad History and Model Railroader.

The softcover book Railroad History in Photographs received several reviews. Full texts are available from Railroad Model Craftsman, Railroad History, Model Railroader and Trains.