Southern Pacific Freight Cars

Vol. 4 Box Cars

by Anthony W. Thompson

Table of Contents

Prologue and Acknowledgements5
1. Introduction9
2. Freight Car Basics15
3. Early Box Cars31
4. Fruit, Ventilated and Refrigerator Cars55
5. Huntington Common-Standard Box Cars75
6. The Harriman Period101
7. The Post-Harriman Period131
8. Box Cars of the World War I Era147
9. Return to Traditional SP Design187
10. Box Cars of the Late 1920s213
11. Steel Box Cars of AAR Design247
12. Post-War Box Cars281
13. Post-War Box Cars: Modifications331
14. The First Specially Equipped Box Cars359
15. Last of the 50-ton Box Cars, 1955-1961395
16. Box Cars of the Early 1960s417
Appendix 1: Additions to Volumes 1, 2 and 3453
Appendix 2: Diagrams467
Appendix 3: B-50-2, B-40-2 CS Specification477